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It would be safe to say that Amy Sedaris is the Martha Stewart of the Gen-X and Millennial set. Since her breakout role as Jerri Blank in the late-‘90s (and too short-lived) cult-classic Comedy Central series Strangers with Candy, the actor, writer, and comedian has appeared in movies like Elf and School of Rock and in dozens of TV shows, including the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, BoJack Horseman, and The Mandalorian. She is also currently starring on her on series, At Home with Amy Sedaris.

Along with her acting work, Amy is probably best-known for her two books, I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence and Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People, where she dispenses advice on everything from cooking and hosting to creating crafts – all with her signature sense of humor. Recently, Amy partnered with Skyy Vodka to a create signature holiday drink for them (FTR, the secret ingredient is lots of vodka) and took a moment to talk to BuzzFeed to give us some tips on surviving the holidays and, of course, Baby Yoda.

Alright Amy, I’ve got to start off by asking what is the number one thing you should have in your fridge if you have unexpected guests drop by?

Amy Sedaris: Okay, let me think for a second…well the first thing I thought of when you asked that was butter. But if you’re just coming by, in the South – I’m from North Carolina – I would say a frozen Pepperidge Farm cake. And that was big in the South ‘cause they would only take 10 minutes to thaw out. But, my answer might be different in the city… but I would just say a frozen cake that can take 10 minutes to thaw out.

And maybe you can speak from experience on this, but what’s the perfect hostess gift?

AS: For me the perfect hostess gift is unsalted butter!

So, here’s a tricky question, how do you deal with an unwanted guest(s)?

AS: I just tell them it’s time to go [laughs], because I feel like sometimes if they’re unwanted, then they know they’ve been unwanted some time in their life before. They’re used to hearing it.

Honestly, I just kind of wrap it up quickly or my conversation is very limited. I make it clear. I can be pretty bad, like a wall will go up and then I just have nothing to say to them. But, it’s conflicting ’cause at the same time you do want to make them feel welcome and comfortable. I just don’t give them extra attention.

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What makes a good gift if you’re on a budget?

AS: Well, I say something homemade. But, a lot of people don’t want things that are homemade. But for me, you know, I love making those potholders for people that come from vintage linens. And I like a practical gift. So, it’s always nice if someone can make you something that’s practical, but not make you something that’s crafty — because nobody wants that kind of stuff.

How do you handle a family member(s) over the holidays who brings up politics?

AS: Well…that’s a tough one ‘cause they’re a family member. It’s better to just listen and let them talk ‘cause you’re not gonna ever agree. Keep your mouth shut and keep on drinking.

Speaking of drinking, what’s a good time to start drinking on Christmas day?

AS: [Laughs] I know a lot of people who like to start drinking early. I like to wait until the sun is down, I am not a big one on drinking during the day – I find it depressing. I think once it’s nice and dark outside (any time after 5: 30-6) it’s maybe time to have a cocktail.

Okay, so I am going have to segue this conversation away from the holidays, ‘cause I really want to ask you this. You worked on The Mandalorian, were you surprised by how big Baby Yoda has become?

AS: Yes! I was at work and came into my dressing room and my phone was going off like a popcorn machine and thought, What’s happening? What is going on? And they’re like, “Oh my god, you’re trending on Twitter,” which I didn’t even know what that meant. And then I realized the episode had come out and people were freaking out ‘cause I was holding Baby Yoda.

And I take it Baby Yoda was not difficult on set?

AS: No, Baby Yoda was fantastic! Charming! The minute you looked into Baby Yoda’s eyes you just got lost. And it’s super cute, and just made everybody on-set happy. It was just a magical little thing and it was a lot of fun.

And finally, is it okay to replace Baby Jesus with Baby Yoda in the nativity scene?

AS: [Laughs] Absolutely! I say that’s a must! That sounds like a successful holiday right there!