Focus On Your Journey – MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO

I am only talking to the people that are ready to get to the next level of their life and their career, That they are going to boldly walk into the next season of their life, unapologetically getting rid of all things, people and situations that no longer belong in their life. Most of you, Most of you You are so consumed with every thing that is going on in the world This is the reason you have not figured out your own life yet Every blog, every website, every tweet, every Instagram post You are so consumed with everything that is going on in the world, you are ignoring your own world You can never shine trying to sit on someone else’s sun You can never figure out who you are if you are consumed in everything that everybody else is and what they are doing and the moves that they are making Because you are trying to chase somebody else’s life You are trying to chase someone else’s lifestyle and identity All while ignoring your own life and your own path What is the vision for your life, what are the ideas and dreams for your life? What are you supposed to be doing? Who are you? What are your gifts and talents? What is your ultimate destiny and your goals? And you should understand this that it was always going to be your family and your friends that would be the first ones to try and talk you out of your vision and your big idea That is why you are supposed to live your life.

Focus on your intentions and do your thing. If you allow your self worth to be based on what other people think of you, is the beginning of the end. I believe in me. If you stop believing in me, I am not going to believe in myself any less. If you believe that I am irrelevant, that nobody is checking for me, and that I do not mean anything to the world, because you think or believe that about me, it does not mean that I am going to believe that about myself. You see, the day that you start living your life according to everybody else’s opinion is the beginning of the end. Most of you guys do not actually know your self worth.

You do not know your self value. Believe in yourself, believe in yourself independent of the validation of the world. Have opinions and feelings about yourself independent of the feedback. I really think that if you get rid of the trash in your life That can be people, business, and situations, you too could really, like I really believe that you could reach your full potential.

I want you to fly I want you, and your career, and your financial blessings to bypass me..

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