New networkers complain, “I spend hours with these prospects, and at the end they give me every imaginable excuse!”

Well, it does happen.

But we shouldn’t blame our prospects.

They are only reacting to what we say and do. This problem is within our control. Yes, we can change what we say and do, and our prospects will respond.

For instance, we can use pre-closing skills, different rapport-building questions, better binary closing choices, word pictures, and many more of the skills of professional network marketers. These skills will create the outcomes we desire.

Think of the reaction principle this way. If we give someone $100, that person will have a certain reaction. If we give that same person a punch in the nose, we will have a different reaction. Same person. Two different reactions.

The question is, “Does the behavior of our prospects have anything to do with them, or everything to do with what we say and do?”

Of course the fun answer is that we can control the outcome. That gives us the power to build our business for the future.