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World of Horror was created by Pawel Kozminski, a part-time Polish dentist also known as Panstasz. Kozminski took inspiration from Junji Ito, the Japanese horror manga artist, and H.P. Lovecraft, the weird fiction and horror fiction author. The game plays out in a series of creepy stories set in a Japanese town full of eldritch monsters and festering demons. It’s your job to investigate the mysteries while surviving turn-based combat in 1-bit black-and-white scenes.

Kozminski collaborated with Ubisoft scriptwriter (and former Engadget contributor) Cassandra Khaw, who’s worked on games like Wasteland 3, Sunless Skies and She Remembered Caterpillars, and wrote the horror novel Hammers on Bone. “Her background and insight into horrific mindsets has helped me flesh out the unsettling nature of the mysteries, characters, and items you’ll find in World of Horror,” Kozminski says.

Steam Early Access will cost $14.99, and it will first support English, with more languages to follow. More characters, mysteries and events will be added for the 1.0 launch, a date for which has not been revealed.

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