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And the ‘Game of Thrones’ pair won’t make a new Star Wars trilogy after all.New ‘The Mandalorian’ trailer looks like the Star Wars we’re used to

Later today we’ll learn more details about HBO Max, and Apple TV+ launches November 1st, so how can Disney keep our attention on its streaming service? A flashy new The Mandalorian trailer with even more rambling voiceover from Werner Herzog will just about do it and provide a good reminder that Disney+ is about to launch on November 12th.

In other Star Wars news, the team of David Benioff and D.B. Weiss is officially off a planned trilogy of movies. We were expecting to see the first one in 2022, but the former Game of Thrones showrunners are apparently far too busy with work related to their $200+ million Netflix deal.

And they go on sale October 30th.Apple’s $249 AirPods Pro pack noise cancellation and hands-free Siri

To little fanfare, Apple has snuck out its AirPods sequel, and they’re shorter with even more features crammed inside. The main one is noise cancellation, with two microphones on each earbud, and software that continuously adapts the level of active noise cancellation to your ears — monitoring up to 200 times per second. One microphone keeps tabs on ambient noise, and the other faces inward to pick up any additional sound that may remain. These upgraded buds are also IPX4 rate, so they should hold up just fine to sweat during your workouts. The AirPods Pro will ship on October 30th for $249.

Android TV isn’t dead.NVIDIA’s new Shield TVs start at $149 with Dolby Vision and Atmos

After a slew of leaks, the $149 Shield TV and $200 Shield TV Pro are on sale for you to buy right now. Besides an odd cylindrical shape for the cheaper device and a funky triangular remote, they feature Dolby Vision and Atmos decoding support plus AI-powered upscaling, all powered by a Tegra X1+ chip inside.

And AirPods Pro support.iOS 13.2 arrives with Deep Fusion photography

The latest update to iOS 13 is here, and it adds the “computational photography” feature, Deep Fusion, which is Apple’s answer to Google and Night Sight. It takes advantage of machine learning and image stacking to render each pixel of a photo optimally. You’ll likely see the benefits of Apple’s new approach most in less-than-ideal lighting conditions, but it should help to improve all your photos. The update also adds 70-or-so new emoji, and if you have a HomePod, it’s ready to recognize voices for multiple people in the home and handle audio Handoffs with iPhones.

The only one with mostly good reviews is the space drama ‘For All Mankind.’Early Apple TV+ reviews show a lineup lacking hits

With Apple TV+ set to launch this Friday, initial reviews have come out for the original shows that will premiere alongside the platform. And it’s probably safe to say Apple won’t be happy with how things have turned out so far.

More turbos than a Taycan.Intel’s 5GHz-capable Core i9-9900KS arrives October 30th

Intel has revealed that its special edition Core i9-9900KS processor will be available on October 30th at a recommended price of $513. If you recall, this is really a top-binned version of the 9900K, which can reach a 5GHz turbo speed across all eight cores rather than one and hit a base speed of 4GHz instead of 3.6GHz.

Don’t expect to see this six-rotor beast landing in your yard.Uber Eats’ delivery drone is a VTOL speedster

The ride-hailing company, which has been expanding its repertoire recently, unveiled a new design for its food-delivery drone at the Forbes 30 under 30 Summit. Uber’s drone design has rotating wings with six rotors “for increased speed and efficiency” and can carry meals for up to two people. The idea is that it would carry food quickly from a kitchen to somewhere else (like the conveniently located and easily accessible parking lot that so many restaurants lack) where a driver would grab the package and complete the delivery.

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