Nintendo Switch

Travelers can purchase a Switch and some games while they’re at the pop-up, but oddly, customers can’t get their console on the same day and take them on their trip — Nintendo will ship the products to customers’ homes. Those who do order a Switch or Switch Lite, though, will get a free carrying case. Pop-up visitors will receive a free Nintendo-themed luggage handle wrap and a $10 Target coupon for any Nintendo purchase of $75 or more.

Nintendo will host its Switch pop-up lounges in Dulles International Airport, Tacoma International Airport, O’Hare International Airport and Dallas Love Field Airport from mid-February to late March. Some airports have gaming lounges, such as Gameway at Dallas Fort Worth, but a Nintendo pop-up lounge could be a more family-friendly take on the concept. Plus, Nintendo has the right idea of appealing to travelers who could be bored out of their minds on long flights — a Switch or Switch Light could keep passengers occupied for hours.