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Nintendo Switch I Am Dead

The excellently named I Am Dead comes courtesy of the creators of Hohokum and Annapurna Interactive, the publisher of beloved indie gems like Florence, Sayonara Wild Hearts and Kentucky Route Zero. Despite its bright and colorful art style, I Am Dead sees you exploring the afterlife. According to Annapurna, the game is “coming soon” to the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Nintendo Switch Freakapocalypse

Freakapocalypse is the brainchild of Kris Wilson, the creator of online webcomic Cyanide and Happiness. It started life as a Kickstarter project back in 2017. It will launch first on Nintendo Switch this summer. We didn’t see too much gameplay, but it looks like it will be a side-scrolling adventure in the vein of classics like Monkey Island.

Nintendo Switch The Good Life

The Good Life, the new game from Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die creator Swery, is coming to the Switch later this year. Like his past games, The Good Life delivers on Swery’s trademark weirdness and charm. He has described it as “debt-repayment RPG” set in a rustic British countryside town where everyone turns into cats and dogs at night. Oh, and your primary form of transportation is a sheep.

Nintendo Switch The Last Campfire

The Last Campfire is the latest game from Hello Games, the studio behind No Man’s Sky. While it was first announced in 2018, we’ve heard relatively little about the project since then. But now we know you’ll be able to play it this summer. Compared to the expansive world No Man’s Sky offered, The Last Campfire looks like it will be a more handcrafted and personal experience.

Nintendo Switch Exit the Gungeon

Last but not least: if the eShop is working again, you can download Exit the Gungeon today to tide you over while the games above make their way to the console.

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