Nintendo Switch

A few years ago, Hasbro revived its line of Tamagotchi virtual pets. The new versions of the toy were smaller than the originals from the ’90s and had fewer features. They must have sold pretty well, though, since the company followed those up with full-sized reissues of both first- and second-generation Tamagotchis. According to The Verge, Hasbro is banking on even more ’90s nostalgia with the reintroduction of the then-ubiquitous Tiger Electronics LCD handhelds. The affordable games took cues from Nintendo’s Game & Watch portables, featuring one title per device and a simple form of gameplay. The big reason for their success — and what Hasbro is likely hoping to still be a selling point — was that they were based on popular console and arcade games like Mega Man and Ninja Gaiden, as well as movies and TV shows like 101 Dalmations and Beavis and Butthead.

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