If we really care about changing our life, we must give an intensive care to our attitude toward ourselves, things and toward other people. As the Spanish philosopher Ortega once said; ‘we human beings are born with a sense of disorientation’, that means we have the ability to change and mold our life in the order that we desire.’ Our ideas shape our tomorrow, if they are well chosen and positive, they will change our attitude toward all that we get in contact, and we will alter our present and future life.


Success is not luck or fate as some people think, success is a matter of applying some rules and attitude is on top of the list. People who are always successful are successful because of their good attitude and their belief in their success, they do not take adversity or failure as something permanent, they simply think of failure as the way to success.

The simple guarantee is a healthy attitude.

Our attitude tells the world what we expect, we can In-tune our attitude every morning while we’re still at home, when we are preparing to go out to the world, to meet other people, people reflect our attitude. It is a matter of cause and effect, if we are cheerful, others reflect it, if we are gloomy, others reflect that too. We are responsible of our life, we get back what we put off, our surroundings reflect us, they are a mirror of ourselves, great attitude=great results, bad attitude=bad results. If we develop the habit of being in a state of good attitude as much as we can during the day, we will find ourselves transmuted from the deep darkness to the sunlight. We will find ourselves solving our problems easily, and benefiting from every moment of the day. If we take a good attitude with a feeling of gratitude for all that we already have and expect the best from life, life will give us what we expect. Unfortunately some people react to the circumstances, if they are good they feel good, and if the circumstances are gloomy, they become gloomy, they change their attitude according to the outer world, they conform, they change according to the changes in the circumstances, they do not try to create their own circumstances, they follow other people, when people meet them with adversities and criticism or they confront a problem, they take a defensive negative attitude which masks their sight and never try to take a positive objective attitude which will help them to see more clearly and solve or turn around the problem, they spend their life in misery and fail to shift their attitude and ultimately change their lives. They wait for people to react towards them instead of letting other people know what they expect from them by letting them know what they really want from their heart, from their interior core, not the outer world, they just wait for the wind to turn, or the tide to change and just conform and let others think and decide for them, and as a result of that, and since it is not their decision, it is not what they want in their deep self, they take a defensive bad attitude toward everything and ruin their future, their dreams and their entire life.

What does good attitude have to do with success?

People with good attitude do successful outstanding jobs, they expect the good from everything and find the good even in adversities, and they know that achievement is a natural order because they fix a goal and work with persistence until they achieve it no matter what it takes. Unsuccessful people think that those people are lucky; they say that successful people are born under a lucky star; they don’t know that luck is when preparedness, persistence and expectancy meet success.

My friend go after your goals, expect to fulfill them and have a good attitude, don’t expect the world to change, when we change, people change, practice good attitude, we interact with people through our attitude, life is dull only for dull people, life is successful for successful people. As the German philosopher Goethe once said;’ before you can do something you must be something’. And in order to get the help necessary from other people to accomplish your goals, treat every person as the most important on earth, make people feel that they are important. Carry out your good attitude to the world every day, don’t let people and circumstances change your attitude, forgive who ever hurts you or treats you improperly and forget it, get rid of it, the bad attitude of others is infectious, we don’t have time for such weeny things, stay far as much as possible from negative people. Finally a great attitude connects us to beautiful things and our life will get better and better as we go on, let us work on becoming part of the top 5% successful people in the world, we have been given a beautiful world, let us use properly the gifts we received at birth to contribute in the advancement of this world, no matter how big or small our contribution is, we do our best in all what we do for our benefit and the benefit of everyone.





Twitter A Young Man Died In An Apparent Suicide After Footage Of Him Protesting A Drag Queen Went Viral


A young man has died in an apparent suicide the day after footage of him leading a protest against drag queens, alongside members of a right wing student group, went viral.

Wilson Gavin, who was president of the University of Queensland’s conservative Liberal National Club, was heavily criticised for his part in the protest after the footage was circulated online on Sunday.

Gavin died early on Monday morning in Brisbane, Australia. He was 21.

In the video posted to Twitter, Gavin and about a dozen other young people can be seen yelling “drag queens are not for kids” at a storytelling event at Brisbane Square Library on Sunday morning.

The video racked up hundreds of thousands of views and the protest was widely covered in the media. Prominent Australians condemned the protest and people tweeted in support of the drag performers using the #IStandWithQueens hashtag.

The club’s Facebook page described the demonstration as a “stand to defend LNP values against a corrosive gender ideology”.

But senior Liberal National party members and the University of Queensland Union (UQU), which the club belongs to, denounced the protest. The university club had been disaffiliated by the party in December.

Federal MP Trevor Evans described the protesters as “ratbags” and said their conduct was “appalling”.

UQU president, Ethan Van Roo Douglas, said in a statement on Sunday that the organisation was “appalled” by reports of the protesters’ conduct. “We strongly condemn aggressive behaviour that intimidates and causes distress to children and their families,” the statement said. He added that the union was planning to consider a “further response” at the earliest opportunity.

Friend Solomon Sankari, who knew Gavin through the Australian Monarchist League, told BuzzFeed News he was a “very smart young man”.

“Well liked by all he met. Intelligent, funny and caring. A genuinely nice soul. It’s a shame he’s gone. Massive monarchist. He had a great passion and love for the Royal Family,” Sankari said.

Drew Pavlou, a UQ senator who was friends with Gavin and tutored his family members, described the 21-year-old as “a firebrand”.

“Very controversial politics. Like a swashbuckler,” he told BuzzFeed News.

Gavin, who was gay, campaigned against same-sex marriage during the 2017 postal survey.

The University of Queensland Union, of which Wilson was a councillor, declined to comment on Monday.

If you or someone you know needs help, you can call Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue Australia on 1300 22 4636.

Twitter Joaquin Phoenix’s “Rude” Golden Globes Speech Has Sparked A Huge Debate On Twitter

Twitter Joaquin Phoenix’s “Rude” Golden Globes Speech Has Sparked A Huge Debate On Twitter

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Trending



Joaquin Phoenix had a lot to celebrate on Sunday night after he was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama Motion Picture.

Jean-baptiste Lacroix / Getty Images


Picking up the award for his role as Arthur Fleck in Joker, Joaquin used his speech to highlight the climate crisis and the tragic bushfires in Australia.

Paul Drinkwater / NBCUniversal Media, LLC / Getty Images


However, it was his backstage speech that raised eyebrows after videos showed Joaquin announcing that he had been “fucking tricked” into getting on stage in the first place.

twitter #VIDEO | Joaquin Phoenix backstage at The Golden Globes, “I didn’t know that I was coming up here just now, they fucking tricked me.”

#VIDEO | Joaquin Phoenix backstage at The Golden Globes, “I didn’t know that I was coming up here just now, they fucking tricked me.”

After asking journalists in the press room how they were doing, Joaquin said: “I didn’t know that I was coming up here just now. They fucking tricked me.”


Joaquin was then asked by a journalist about his preparation and research for Joker which, judging by his face, he wasn’t too impressed by.



“Isn’t this old news?” Joaquin responded. Before answering the question, he added: “I feel like I’ve talked about this for six months. You wanna hear a different version of it?”

twitter Joaquin Phoenix bristles at journalist's question about how he prepared for #Joker:

Twitter 23 Times Twitter Was, Like, 1,000% Right About Parenthood

by | Jan 12, 2020 | Trending



“Can’t find your kids? Don’t worry, sit on the toilet. They’ll find you.”

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Twitter 19 Times Twitter Was, Like, 1000% Right About Straight Men

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“Straight dudes think wearing striped socks is a personality.”

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