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This all started with a green coat, a green coat that took the winter streets and internet by storm.

You may have seen in it infiltrating winter streets near you.


I first noticed the plush down coat about three years ago when I was scrolling through my Insta feed and saw influencer after influencer wrapped in its winter coziness.,

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE this coat!!! I saw it on Arielle Charnas (Something Navy) and ordered it immediately. It is true-to-size, SUPER warm, surprisingly well made for how inexpensive it is, and the amount of compliments I have received on it is INSANE. Seriously debating ordering a second one to have as backup! HIGHLY recommend!!!” —Lauren Silverman,

“Very warm and cute. I am actually obsessed with this jacket. I stopped a woman on the street to asked her where she got hers. I immediately ordered one. I wasn’t sure what size to get so I ordered the small and medium. I am smaller on the top so actually the small was better because I could open up the zippers on the side.” —Susan Alexander

“Great, great purchase!! I loved this jacket on some girls in my yoga studio so I was obviously ‘influenced’. It’s sooo warm!” —Walk in LA


In addition to being cradled in the same coat, they all had one thing in common. They all looked really freakin’ warm. Kinda like they were wrapped in a blanket that was socially acceptable to wear in public.,

“THE COAT is the most comfortable coat I’ve ever owned! It’s very warm but not super heavy, I was surprised how light the coat felt and how warm it kept me, I also love how long it is! The hood is attached and lined with the softest and comfy sherpa type material. There are several pockets with zippers to keep a beanie, my phone, and whatever else I need so I don’t have to carry a purse. I’m 5’7” 120 lbs., and ordered both a small and XS — both fit me but I ended up keeping the small because I like my coats to have a little room to layer underneath and my sleeves to be longer, but the XS fit too.” —Toni Wheaton

“This jacket is fabulous!!! I bought it for myself and my 34-year-old daughter. We both love it!! It is so comfortable and cozy. We feel like we’re walking around wearing a cozy blanket. I’m considering buying it in another color.” —Karen Prince


So, I looked it up and saw that people on the internet were obsessed with this cuddly coat! It has nearly 5,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. And although at first the color selection was limited, it currently has seven color options and is available in sizes XXS–5X!


It’s not just a green coat now.

“SO WARM. So stylish! I am so in love with this coat. It seems very well put together and heavy and sturdy. I am usually a size L/XL in everything and the large fits perfectly with the zippers up on the sides. It gets a bit narrow around the hips but it’s adjustable so it’s fine! Absolutely love this coat ❤️” —Lauren

This is the absolute best winter jacket I have ever owned. So much so I bought one for my 12-year-old daughter (she loves hers!) and for my 18-year-old son (he gets his at Christmas). It’s amazing!!! I have had winter jackets from Columbia, Old Navy, and other well-known name brands and none have compared to just how warm you stay within your jacket. NONE. I got an XL (I am 5’6” and I weigh 185 lbs.) and it isn’t tight anywhere. I got a medium for my daughter (she’s 5’4” and 125lbs but figured she’s still growing) and she has plenty of room and she personally loves it that way.” —Molly peckham

Best winter coat ever!!!! The designer of this coat thought of everything but still kept it stylish. I get compliments on it every time I wear it. More importantly, it keeps me insanely warm and dry. All of the pockets work great whether I’m heading to work and have a bus pass in a pocket for easy access with gloves or hiking and need to carry water, lip balm, and snacks. The extra ‘flap’ of hood that folds down when it’s raining or snowing to keep the elements off my face is a godsend! I can’t live without this coat now that I’ve found it!!” —William L. Sherman


And, as I suspected, it’s really, really warm. Like, survive the brutal bitter winter temps with total comfort and ease, warm.,

Jacket is extremely warm. I don’t like wearing bulky jackets, however, this one is heavy, yet comfortable. Pockets are great sizes. The zippers and tassels add a trendy design to the jacket. I don’t think I need to carry a purse anymore! Ha. It arrived nicely packaged. Because of the material, it was a bit wrinkled. I threw it in the drier for a minute, with three ice cubes to create steam. Came out very nice. I am 5’5″ and 145 lbs., with bigger hips. The medium fits perfect. I like that it has zippers on the side so I can adjust when I’m sitting or riding in the car. Very nice design addition.” —James N.

“Love this coat. After visits to several stores, I decided on this coat for a trip to NYC during what the forecasters were calling the coldest week in history. It kept me warm and comfortable during miles of walking and not too hot when I kept it on walking through museums. It fit perfectly, wasn’t too tight or too loose. Oversized, but not tent-like. It was slimming, not bulky, even over a thick sweater. I bought a medium and normally wear a medium. I love the jacket and will wear it when I visit Prague in February, which should also be cold, but not with my fantastic coat.” —Just K


How can it be so warm you ask? Well for one it’s down, for two it’s windproof, and for three it has a fleece-lined hood you can easily use to replace your beanie.,

Just think, no more beanie hair!!

“This is such a warm jacket, I don’t even mind that I don’t look as cute as other women who have posted their own pics. Pockets are great, it’s perfect for cold, windy, wet weather. The length is great, the sleeves are perfect to keep warmth in, and the hood…THE HOOD! It’s my favorite part to keep my head, neck, and ears warm when it’s bitingly cold! It stays up even when my hair is in a ponytail (I know you ladies know what I mean). Worth it!!!” —changsterilla

I got to try out this coat today in a windy 18 degrees. I have been searching for this coat for years! I love having the down for warmth, it is the very best. The hood comes forward far enough to shade my eyes and protect my face. The hood’s shearling liner is soft and warm. This coat has plenty of pockets and zippers to widen or narrow the width of the coat. I walked for a mile in the wind and stayed warm. My perfect coat!” —Amazon Customer


But wait, there’s more! It also has SIX. Yes. SIX pockets!,

Two zippered at the chest, two zippered at the waist, and two on the sides that are perfectly designed to let your hands slip right in and stay super warm.

“I love this coat. I would normally order a small, but they were out, so I got the XS. Glad I did, as the fit is perfect. All the pockets are amazing. I’m able to go out and leave my purse at home. To my surprise…the pockets were big enough to hold a bottle or two of beer!” —mbkckjohnson

“The coat fit as expected. There is a zipper on the sides to expand the coat and give more room when sitting. There are a lot of pockets and room to hold your phone, keys, gloves, etc. The coat is very stylish and unique. The hood is great because it fits over your head and stays in place without having to worry about it blowing off. I found the coat to be very warm as well. I am so happy with my new coat!!” —SASI


Now it isn’t cheap. It comes in at just over a hundred bucks but based on the reviews, people swear it’s worth the investment — and that it’s lasted them for years now.

This jacket is worth every penny! I wore it for the first time today to take my pups outside to potty and let them play in the snow. It was still snowing, so I zipped up the jacket, pulled the fuzzy hood up, and trudged out into the cold weather I detest so much. Only to my surprise…I didn’t feel the cold! I didn’t even feel like Randy from, A Christmas Story, either! I could put my arms down, move with ease, and was warm and toasty without being overheated. It’s quite literally, the perfect jacket! I bought the olive green color and it looks so amazing! Even my one K9 loves it! When I opened it, he wouldn’t stop bothering me until I set it down next to me for him to look at; he then proceeded to curl up in it and fall asleep on top of it for over two hours. I would have moved him if his 5-year-old butt didn’t weigh almost 90 lbs. lol. You know your jacket’s a winner when even your pup is fighting for custody! 💁‍♀️” —Meg

Totally worth the money, I can tell I’ll be wearing this jacket for years to come. Huge pockets, huge hood, long enough to cover your butt if you’re wearing leggings. Also, while the body part of the jacket is puffy, the sleeves are much more fitted so you don’t look huge while wearing it. The hip area is a little snug but there’s a zipper to adjust it and give you more wiggle room. Really warm while feeling very lightweight at the same time. Seriously, my new favorite jacket.” —Jennifer


Plus there’s a super adorable kid’s version so you can match with your favorite mini-me.


It’s available in five colors and for kids 4–12 years old for $129.99.


Anyway, people are obsessed with this coat — so obsessed it even has its own Instagram account with over 5,000 followers — and Oprah even named it one of her favorite things!


I’m basically convinced, so you can catch me in 2020 roaming these brutal winter streets in my new coat.


Get yours on Amazon starting at $107.


The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.


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