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Take a deep breath, because I’m about to share some great news with you: The Levoit Air Purifier is on sale! It usually retails for $89.99, but right now you can snag it for $59.58!



Yes, that’s right. Today you can get the air purifier for 34% off and start eliminating all allergens, pet hair, dander, smoke, mold, odor, and large dust particles from the air in your home.

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The purifier has a three-stage filtration: the preliminary filter catches large particles like lint, fibers, and pet fur. Then the True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of small airborne contaminants, and the activated carbon filter absorbs smoke, odors, and other pollutants. Plus, it circulates air through the room four times per hour and has an ultra-silent operation so it won’t disrupt your sleep at night. It also has two light settings to add some warm ambiance. The size is great for a bedroom or office.


All of the filters work together to make your air cleaner, and in turn, help relieve any severe allergies you have. Plus, it has 4.1 stars and more than 2,300 five-star reviews raving about how well it helps people with allergies!


“My mother has really bad allergies and lung problems. During the flu season, she was horribly sick, she could not breathe, she could not sleep, and could not stop coughing. I quarantined her room (cleaned it like crazy, decontaminated it) and placed this bad boy (air purifier) into her room and kept the room closed. I kid you not, her breathing improved so much, the only place she could really breathe was her room because that is where the air purifier is placed. This thing really helped my mother and I am considering investing in another if you can at least keep the air in your own house clean, why not. I totally recommend.” —AllabouttheTruth


And after using it for a bit, you might even be shocked (and grossed out) but how much GUNK it collects. Ewww!

“I’ve had this thing running 24-7 for the last 8 months and just now had the little filter change light come on. I decided to take a look and open it up, and I can’t believe how much dust this thing has collected. I have severe dust mite allergies and this purifier was recommended to me by my doctor, and now I can see why. It’s hard to tell by the pictures (above) but there was about half an inch of compacted dust over the HEPA part of the filter. Not only has this thing been keeping dust out of the air, but my bedroom has the cleanest air in the house and you can definitely tell a difference in the air quality as soon as you walk in.” —Mary Cunningham

It’s recommended to replace the filter every 6-8 months!


The product is so good, it might even save your relationship.

“This is a marriage/pet saver! I foster kittens for a rescue, and no matter how often I clean the boxes, two or three times daily, and general cleaning, I still have an odor in the room. I got this product out of desperation. It was a good size and weight for kitties bouncing around. I am truly shocked and enormously happy with how it works! My husband was at wits’ end with his sensitive nose. He goes in there now and is astonished, no smell. We are getting another for the kitchen!” —victoria Mohagen


Get it from Amazon today for $59.58+ (originally $89.99; available in black and white).


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