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An Alexa for 40% off, because why shouldn’t you live out your best Smart House dreams/nightmares?


“Any ‘90s kid with cable saw Disney Channel’s Smart House, and ultimately it’s what made me super against any kind of smart home devices you’d see on all the commercials. But recently on a trip to my father’s house, I saw he had an Alexa and it actually cut off his TV? Told him the weather? Connected to his Spotify? I was shocked and impressed and decided out of pure laziness and functionality that I had to have one. Hopefully I’ll see it under my Christmas tree, but if not, I’m splurging on it myself!” —Ignacia Fulcher

Get it from Amazon for $59.99 (originally $99.99; available in five colors) or check out all of Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals – they’re offering discounts on thousands and thousands of items.



A Brava Smart Oven for $250 off that uses state of the art technology, an intense catalog of chef-created recipes, and your own preferences to cook, heat, and reheat all your favorite meals.


“So, I NEED this to go on sale. Like, Brava Gods if you’re hearing my prayers, please make it happen! I recently got my hands on one of these and it’s changed the way we cook at home — and how well we do it. But my parents don’t have one and they’re either going to come to my house and steal the one we have or I am going to have to buy them one for Christmas. Those are my two options. And since our little mighty Brava has become an essential part of our household, we just can’t give it up.

So what is it, and why is it so darn expensive? Well, it’s the future. It’s The Jetsons meets that last season of Parks and Rec, where they thought 2017 would bring us projecting telephones. Basically, you can cook ANYTHING in this bad boy: eggs, toast, steak, chicken, veggies…honestly everything in less time. It basically has microwave speed but oven quality. You see, Brava uses a combination of visible and infrared lights to cook food faster and more efficiently than your convection oven. Unlike with air or cast iron, light can be easily targeted and adjusted. It also has a very VERY handy app that provides with so many ridiculously amazing recipes! You can say, I have this, this, and this, and it’ll be like, ‘Oh, make this!’ or ‘This would be great with this’ ISN’T THAT WILD!! The app also gives you access to the camera inside the oven so you can check on your food. This has been especially great to freak my husband out with. If I’m not home and I see the notification that something is cooking, I can check on it, I know when it’s done, and then I send him a casual text saying, ‘how’s that chicken breast?’ It’s important to keep your loved ones on their toes. Anyway, this oven does SO much I could go on for decades about how you can finagle with their recipes to make them exactly the way you like them, or you can make scrambled eggs in like three seconds (it’s not exactly that time but it’s fast), or how you can use one tray to make an entire meal (steak, potatoes, asparagus) at the same time. But I won’t take all your time. Seriously, go explore their site! The only thing I will warn you of, is it takes some learning but if you get the hang of it, your cooking life will change forever.” —Elena Garcia

Get it from Brava for $845 (originally $1,095) or check out the rest of the Brava deals — they’re offering $250 off your purchase.



A luxurious wool cocoon coat for 50% off to help you make it through the winter in warmth *and* style.


“God, I hate coat shopping. It’s one of those things that makes me break out into a sweat immediately because it seems like there are so many factors I have to consider. Is it warm enough to survive a NY winter? Is it oversized so I can comfortably wear a thick sweater underneath? Is it *too* oversized to the point where I look like a plastic bag? HOW DOES ONE CHOOSE A COLOR?

Last year, I walked into J.Crew and fell in love with a coat: the cocoon coat. About 90% of New York own it (this is my estimate), and it was lovely, fit perfectly, and hit that perfect mid-thigh length that didn’t make me look like a tiny child (coats often do that on me). I couldn’t justify the price last year because it was toward the end of the season and it was not on sale, so I didn’t want to fork over the hard-earned cash. I’ve been plotting to wait for Black Friday for about, oh, six months now, in the hope to snag not one, but possibly TWO, of these coats in grey and either dark forest or black. My time has arrived.” –AnaMaria Glavan

Get it from J.Crew for $187.50 (originally $365; available in 8 colors and sizes 00–24) or check out all of the J.Crew deals – they’re offering 40% off when you enter promo code WHYWAIT at checkout.



A woman yelling at cat print for 50% off, because I am a meme-literate youth. Some days I’m Smudge the cat, while other days I’m 100% Taylor from RHOBH. Occasionally I am both.


“I just really love Smudge the cat OK? I never buy art, because I feel like it’s too much effort to hang on my walls, plus committing to one piece is too much pressure. (Where am I gonna hang it? What if I hate it next week? Does this print make me look childish?) This feels like a good place to start.” —Melanie Aman

Get it from Society6 for $11.50 (originally $22.99) or check out the rest of the Society6 deals — they’re offering up to 50% off.



A matte eyeshadow palette for 49% off to help you create a gorgeous blend of warm-and cool-toned colors (plus, each palette is infused with Amazonian clay to help prevent that dreaded chalkiness).


“As someone who collects eyeshadow palettes like stamps, I have some ~opinions~ on eyeshadows. Tarte continues to make some of my favorites and I’ve been eyeing the Amazonian clay matte palette for a MINUTE now. I already have other Amazonian clays ones (because of course), but the matte one has some everyday shades I’m missing: most of my palettes have quite a few more vibrant colors that I wouldn’t typically wear to the office, but this palette has every neutral needed to create subtle to more dramatic looks. Basically, I want it and I need it.” —Kayla Suazo

Get it from Tarte for $20 (originally $39) or check out all of the Tarte deals – they’re offering 25% off everything and up to 60% off select items when you enter promo code CYBER at checkout.



A pair of splurge-worthy over-the-knee Stuart Weitzman boots for 25% off that’ll go with everything: jeans, sweater dresses, and having to eat ramen every night for the rest of the year to pay off these babies.

Stuart Weitzman

“I have wanted these boots for literal years, yet every time I find myself in their presence, I’m too scared to try them on lest I somehow end up actually swiping my card and going home with them. Well, this is the year, I tell you! If you haven’t seen these on every Instagram model ever, you’ve probably seen all the knockoffs and imitation versions. And it’s no surprise why; objectively speaking they’re really freaking beautiful. Sure, an almost four-digit price tag for boots makes me want to gag, but I’m convinced these bad boys would be a staple in my wardrobe for years to come, which kinda sorta justifies the price tag to me. Quality over quantity!” —Melanie Aman

Get them from Stuart Weitzman for $598.50 (originally $798; available in sizes 4-12 and in three colors and narrow, medium, and wide widths) or check out all of the Stuart Weitzman deals — they’re offering 25% off when you enter promo code SWTHANKFUL at checkout.



A set of three knives for 20% off, because besides just plain looking gorgeous (I imagine I’d get that true little spark of joy every time I pulled one of of my drawer), they have a comfortable, soft-touch grip; a slope and from the handle to the blade to make them safer; and between the three, would be able to tackle like, 99% of the slicing, dicing, and chopping I ever need to do.


“Do I need need more knives? I mean, no, I have a handful of my parents bachelor knives that have been well taken care of, BUT. This is about wishing, not need needing. And who couldn’t use an extra paring, chef’s, and bread knife in their life — especially one that are well designed and look just so dang gorgeous in photos? I haven’t tested them out myself, but the folks over at Food52 know what’s up. The Chef’s knife’s weight is supposed to be the perfect balance so you can chop as much as you need without getting tired of lifting a heavy metal object over and over, but they still feel substantial when you start to tackle, say, a butternut squash. The serrated knife can coax a tough-crusted bread or a delicate tart into nice, even, slices. And the paring knife is all you need for dozens of those little tasks. Yes, please.” —Natalie Brown

Get it from Food52 for $139 (originally $179) or check out the rest of the Food52 deals — they’re offering 20% off when you enter promo code STAYALLDAY at checkout.



A Glossier Play Colorslide Pencil for 20% off — you don’t have to be in Euphoria (or even watch it!) to hop on the chic, experimental eye look trend.


“While I definitely am a person who wears makeup, I’m not known for switching up my look. I’d basically worn black winged eyeliner every day since 2012…until I got one of these pencils in ‘Pretty Penny.’ I, although famously resistant to change, ended up loving being able to create a warm, fun look with hardly any effort. Now I need to collect them all! I especially have my eye on the maroon Magic Carpet’ and moss green ‘Stable Relationship.'” —Rachel Dunkel

Get it from Glossier for $12 (originally $15; available in 14 shades) or check out all of the Glossier deals — they’re offering 20% off.



A portable projector for 15% off so you can snuggle up with the one you love and binge-watch your fave show on a big ol’ screen from the comfort of home.


“I’ve wanted a portable projector for a while now, so I can feel like I am at the movies without going out into the cold and sitting in a theater full of strangers, surprise my partner with cute anime-watching date nights at home, and to play video games on a big screen when I have friends over. This one has tons of excellent reviews, so I can trust that it’s good quality for the price. Honestly, the possibilities of a portable projector are endless, and this would bring a lot more fun into my life with v little effort!” –Harper Hendrickson

Get it from Amazon for $79.99 (originally $99.99) or check out all of Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals – they’re offering discounts on thousands and thousands of items.



A classic jean jacket for 40% off…with a bit of a twist (a sherpa twist, to be specific).


“This jacket reminds me of the sherpa-lined coats my brothers and I used to wear as kids, but with a modern twist. I adore the bold style of sherpa panel jackets so much, I can’t even choose between the medium wash with white sherpa panels, or the all-black jacket. All I know is, I could really put together some spicy looks with both of these, and I need them!” –Harper Hendrickson

Get it from Levi’s for $76.80 (originally $128; available in two colors and sizes S–2XL) or check out all of Levi’s deals – they’re offering 40% off when you enter promo code INDIGO at checkout.



Glossier Brow Flick for 20% off — aka the easy and hassle-free way to achieve natural looking brow strokes. All it takes is a few flick, flick, flicks and you’re set.

Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

“I am in love with all things Glossier (who isn’t, honestly?), and their latest Brow Flick is my newest obsession. The moment I stumbled upon it, I’ve thought about it *a lot* and put it in so many posts. I feel like no matter what product I use, I can’t get the precise lines that the Brow Flick manages to create. It’s been on my wishlist for a while now, and I think it’s about time I get it for myself.” —Kayla Suazo

Get it from Glossier for $14.40 (originally $18; available in three shades) or check out all of the Glossier deals — they’re offering 20% off.


“This coat is everything! Pastel color blocking, warm and fuzzy, dramatically long — YES. I need it in my life, at the very least to take extremely boujee pictures in. It also has pockets and button fastenings, so although it’s a major fashion statement, I think it could even work as a daily winter coat: nothing will turn around a bleak winter day like wrapping up in this beauty.” –Kayla Boyd

Get it from Asos for $121.80 (originally $174; available in sizes 12–24) or check out all of the Asos deals – they’re offering 30% off when you enter promo code BIG30 at checkout.



A velvet Rifle Paper Co. quilt for 30% off that’s covered in stunning florals so I can still enjoy a *touch* of springtime vibes without having to deal with seasonal allergies. Just like Hannah Montana, this quilt is going to give me the ~best of both worlds~.


“It’s a struggle to find bedding that both my husband and I both like, but finally we found one we agree on. We’re both fans of Rifle Paper Co. and know that they make products that are as beautiful as they are well-made. This velvety version of a standard quilt is just stunning — I know it would look absolutely gorgeous with the decor we already have.” —Heather Braga

Get it from Anthropologie for $159+ (originally $228+; available in sizes twin–king) or check out all of the Anthropologie deals — they’re offering 30% off and an extra 50% off sale items.



A porthole gown for 20% off we know you’re gonna love a ~hole~ lot.


“If there’s anything I love it’s 1) my cats 2) my spouse and 3) statement-making tent dresses that feel like you aren’t wearing any clothes. This porthole maxi is a dream come true for folks like me who want their clothing to be equal parts curious and comfortable – it’s made to order with a soft and stretchy poly/lychra blend with circular, sheer patterns on the front and back that create the see-through effect. Do I need it? No. I NEED it. You probably do too.” —Mallory Mower

Get it from sarabergman on Etsy for $134.40 (originally $168; available in sizes XS-XL) or check out the rest of the Etsy deals deals — they’re offering up to 60% off.



A modern LED lamp task lamp for 20% off that’ll double as a wireless charging pad to become your bedside must-have. It also features a USB port so you can charge your phone *and* iPad at once. Wired charging is a thing of the past; it’s time to update your life and your bedroom decor.

West Elm

“West Elm home items are some of my faves and if I could outfit my entire apartment via West Elm I would. This lamp, however, is one of my absolute top picks because of its dual functionality. Having a wireless charging pad combined with a lamp is just so darn convenient. For real – once you charge via a pad, you’ll never want to go back to wired charging. And why shouldn’t you get a super cute lamp included in the deal? I stan.” —Alexandra Napoli

Get it from West Elm for $143.20 (originally $179) or check out the rest of the West Elm deals — they’re offering 20% off.



Paula’s Choice C15 Super Booster for 25% off to help give your skin the nutrition it craves and keep it radiant and glowing all winter long.

Paula’s Choice

“I’ve loved every Paula’s Choice product I’ve tried but really have my eye on their vitamin C serum. My skin can get SO dull in the winter and while I’ve found that vitamin C can help, I’ve yet to find my holy grail. But, I have a sneaking suspicion this may be that product.” —Rachel Dunkel

Get it from Paula’s Choice for $36.75 (originally $49) or check out the rest of Paula’s Choice deals — they’re offering 25% off their best sellers and 20% off sitewide.



A whimsical winter beanie for 50% off featuring a Frenchie with heart sunglasses on to warm both your head and your heart.

Kate Spade

“I’m always losing winter hats, and somehow I always end up losing the cute ones and being left with the boring ones. That is the precise situation I find myself in this winter, so I think a cute new hat is in order. I love a good pom pom hat and I’m low-key obsessed with French Bulldogs. I’d actually enjoy having to pull on a winter hat if this cutie was looking up at me! Now I just have to be sure not to lose it!!!” —Katy Herman

Get it from Kate Spade for $27.50 (originally $58) or check out all of the Kate Spade deals — they’re offering 50% off.



A classic pair of black jeans for 40% off that pair with everything in your closet and are so comfy you’ll grab them day after day after day.


“I LOVE Madewell jeans. I’ve been slowly replacing all of my jeans in my closet with them because they are that good. Their skinny jeans are amazing because they are stretchy yet hold their shape and are so comfortable, I’ve even flown in them (and you know that takes a lot when I usually travel in leggings). The next jean on my list: a classic black jean. I live in New York, so black is my uniform, but seriously these jeans go with E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Plus, they’re high waisted and feel so good to put on that I know I’ll wear them at least a couple times a week.” —Abby Kass

Get them from Madewell for $85 (originally $135; available in sizes 23-37 and in petite, regular, tall, and taller lengths) or check out the rest of the Madewell deals — they’re offering 40% off when you enter promo code YAYINTERNET at checkout.



A steel dish rack for 20% off that’s large enough to fit multiple dishes and mugs PLUS cutlery, but small enough to permanently live on your counter and not hog up too much precious space. With the handy water spout, you’ll successfully avoid the annoying water puddle that accompanies most dish racks *and* can I just say how sleek this rack is???


“I’ve wanted this dash rack for a while because a) I adore Food52 products, b) it’s a stylish piece of kitchen decor that can double as a practical and functional everyday item, and c) it’s the perfect size for my apartment. I live in a studio which translates to the unfortunate fact that I don’t have much space! My kitchen countertop space is minimal at best, so having something that is not massive and overwhelming means I can actually fit my toaster and paper towel dispenser. Bless.” —Alexandra Napoli

Get it from Food52 for $38.50 (originally $50) or check out the rest of the Food52 deals — they’re offering 20% off when you enter promo code STAYALLDAY at checkout.



A Cosrx vitamin C serum for 20% off formulated with black chokeberry and 20% vitamin C to fade hyperpigmentation, brighten dull skin, and smooth skin texture so come the holidays, your skin will be looking its best.

Soko Glam

“After using this serum once, it has become a staple in my skincare routine and I always need to restock immediately after I run out. Well, I’ve run out and I can’t wait to grab this again. I credit this serum for fading my acne scars and overall brightening my skin tone until the scars are barely noticeable. My skin also looks dewier. Needless to say, me and my wallet are ready for that sale.” —Nusrat Sultana

Get it from Soko Glam for $18.90 (originally $27) or check out all of Soko Glam’s deals — they’re offering 30% off sitewide.



A hand massager for 32% off because, sigh, it’s finally time to start giving my hands and wrists some extra TLC now that I’ve been writing for so many years.


“I now experience a lot of pain in my hands from typing so much for all these years. I’m hoping this’ll help prevent me from getting full-out carpal tunnel. Plus, it’ll just come in handy for days that I can’t make it to a masseuse. *fingers crossed*” —Marquaysa Battle

Get them from Amazon for $94.70 (originally $139.97) or check out all of Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals – they’re offering discounts on thousands and thousands of items.. .



A Tarte volumizing mascara for 57% off to stock up on ~splurge-worthy~ beauty without actually breaking the bank — both your lashes and savings account will thank you.


“I try to think of things that I normally ‘splurge’ on (aka things higher than $20, IMO) during Black Friday so I can at least TELL myself that I’m being responsible. I’m a bit of a mascara snob — I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I *do* like to volumize my lashes without having to worry about clumping. Ever since I started using this mascara a few months ago, I’ve made it my go-to. It makes my lashes longer without being *too* dramatic for my taste, and actually fans out each and every individual lash (I hate, hate, HATE when they stick together, and that never happens with this). Plus, it truly doesn’t run! I’m telling you, even after I workout at the end of the day while wearing this, my lashes are still pristine. While I wouldn’t recommend buying more than one or two at a time, as you don’t want it to expire, BF is a great chance to score some higher-end mascara without paying full price. That’s what being an adult is about…right?” —Emma McAnaw

Get it from Tarte for $10 (originally $23) or check out all of Tarte’s deals — they’re offering up to 60% off.



Sparkly rings for 73% off — at such an amazingly low price, you might as well stock up and give them to your cousins, mom, sister, BFF…maybe even strangers you pass on the street.


“These rings are some of my favorite things at BabubleBar. They have such a chic look to them and are available in so many colors. When I heard they were going to be on sale for $12, my jaw dropped to the floor. That’s 72% off the original price!!!!! 😱 I know that I’ll be stocking up for basically everyone on my list this Christmas. With all the color options, I might as well get one of each and hand them out like they’re candy at Halloween (because they do, in fact, kind of look like that). While I’m at it, I’ll get a couple for myself, too. It’ll be like everyone I know is in a secret society only instead of member pins, we wear these rings to signify that we are the goddesses of good deals and great gifts.” –Abby Kass

Get one from Baublebar for $12 (originally $44; available in 9 colors and sizes 4–10 as well as a mini version) or check out all of the Baublebar deals – they’re offering 35% off.



An Amazon FireStick for 50% off so I can finally stop borrowing one from my family and can stream my favorite shows and movies anytime I want.


“It really is a good thing to have around the house and it’s easy to use even if you’re not a techie. You just plug it into the HDMI spot on your TV and BAM, you can stream whatever you want on a much bigger screen than your laptop or tablet.” —Marquaysa Battle

Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (originally $39.99) or check out all of Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals – they’re offering discounts on thousands and thousands of items.. .



An Aretha Franklin poster for 20% off so you can always be inspired by THE number one diva and musical legend.


“Almost a year ago I decided to be a big girl and buy a house, but because I am…extremely lazy, I have yet to decorate my space in anyway that matters. I have grand ideas on the upgrades I want to make, but for home decor specifically?? My walls have to be littered with musical LEGENDS. If you know anything about me, that sentence is very on brand. Eventually I’d love to get Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey posters, but starting off with the one who birthed them all makes the most sense.” —Ignacia Fulcher

Get it from WahusikaArt on Etsy for $10.48+ (originally $13.10; available in four sizes) or check out the rest of the Etsy deals deals — they’re offering up to 60% off.



A snuggly thermal pajama set for 35% off, because it’s about time you threw away those shorts from college that you normally wear to bed (they’ve seen much, much better days).


“Okay, I have to be honest that I am one who has been wearing the same shorts and t-shirt I’ve had for a few too many years to bed. At this point, the shorts are soooo stretched out and you can barely see the design on the shirt anymore. It’s getting to a point that’s a little ridiculous, yet I haven’t thrown them out because they’re just so comfy…but I think it’s time and I think this set is the perfect replacement because it looks so cozy. Plus, I love the pink color. And for less than $40? It’s a steal if I’ve ever heard one. I can’t wait to slip these on as soon as I get home from work and then walk around my apartment and not be embarrassed when my roommate sees what I’m sporting. I honestly think these might make me feel like more of an adult. We’ll see…” –Abby Kass

Get them from Nordstrom for $39.90 (originally $65; available in five colors and sizes XXS–XL) or check out all of the Nordstrom deals – they’re offering up to 50% off.



A six-drawer dresser for 30% off with a round edged silhouette and enough room to store all the clothes you *also* get on this sacred, consumerist holiday.


“I’ve never loved a human as much as I love this piece of furniture. This dresser is striking without being distracting and unique while still fully functional. The bleached oak looks fantastic with the long, metal hardware and I just *wish* my dumb human legs could look as beautiful as those brass-tipped beauts. I’m not saying I would steal this from the store if I was strong enough, but I can say (maybe from experience) that I am *not* strong enough.” —Mallory Mower

Get it from Anthropologie for $1,048.60 (originally $1,498) or check out all of the Anthropologie deals — they’re offering 30% off and an extra 50% off sale items.



A tell-all bookfor 42% off about Queen Elizabeth II written by her personal assistant of 25 years Angela Kelly — a must-have for any true royal fanatic.


“Her Majesty ACTUALLY endorsed the publication of this book and I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to wait until Christmas morning to get my hands on it. it’s filled with never-before-seen photos of The Queen’s wardrobe and jewels (!!!) and special moments shared between her and Kelly. Mom, are you reading this? Please order this for me ASAP!” —Heather Braga

Get it from Amazon for $20.26 (originally $35) or check out all of Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals – they’re offering discounts on thousands and thousands of items.



Spanx moto leggings for 20% off with tons of detailing, because one needs more than one pair of faux-leather leggings, OK?!


“I’m not one for pants and 99% of the time I wear dresses thanks to the leg freedom and ability to make you look extremely fancy with very little effort. But, BUT, faux-leather leggings have honestly transformed my fall/winter wardrobe. I finally found a pair I love a year ago (Joe Fresh via Nordstrom Rack) but I’m hankering for a pair that’ll do some major shaping and are a little closer to actual pants. Enter these moto-style leggings. Maybe I’ll wear them with my multiple faux-leather moto jackets (now where did I park my hog?) or perhaps I’ll wear them with my used-to-be-dresses that have shrunk to tunic lengths. We’ll see!” —Elizabeth Lilly

Get it from Nordstrom for $88 (originally $110; available in sizes XS-XL) or check out all of the Nordstrom deals – they’re offering up to 50% off.



A Hydro Flask for 25% off for keeping your cold drinks cold for 24 hours, or your hot drinks hot for is hours. Ya know, the way you intended to drink them.

“So, not to be all VSCO girl-esque, but I’ve been wanting to get a Hydro Flask for a while now. I currently own a S’well water bottle that I love, but the paint on the outside has been chipping away for a little while now, plus, the particular size I own doesn’t hold as much water as I would like it to. Hydro Flasks are PRICEY, so I’m excited to get it at a discounted price, and then of course, really pull a true VSCO girl move and go on a sticker shopping spree on Redbubble, so I can decorate my bottle.” —Sam Wieder

Get it from REI for $29.89 (originally $39.95; available in 11 colors) or check out all of REI’s deals — they’re offering 25% off.



A chic, chunky initial necklace for 35% off that’ll help make every outfit (and necklace stack) worthy of a love ~letter~.


“I’ve been eyeing this Baublebar pendant for a while, not least because of how cool it looks in the layered necklace photos on their website. I love gold necklaces and personal pieces, and I enjoy playing around with layering pendants as well as tossing one on individually to complete a look. This necklace looks heavy and expensive, and like the kind of thing you’d see a fave streetstyle blogger wearing. Tossing it on could take any look to the next level, so I think it’s finally time to add it to my collection.” —Katy Herman

Get it from BaubleBar for $31.20 (originally $48; available in 26 letters) or check out all of the BaubleBar deals — they’re offering 35% off.



A stunning sculptural menorah for 20% off in blackened cast iron that’ll feel like a Hanukkah miracle.

Food 52

“Y’all ever seen a menorah so beautiful that it wiped 29 years of Christmas FOMO from your memory? If not, then you should fix your eyes on this blackened cast iron design from Areaware that — wait for it — comes with a built-in tray for a base to catch all of the hot candle oils that would ordinarily drip all over the counter and ruin your life. Sounds like a Hanukkah miracle to me — but I’m also a little rusty on my literature. Haven’t been to synagogue in years!” —Colin Gorenstein

Get it from Food52 for $100 (originally $125) or check out all of Food52’s deals — they’re offering 20% off with promo code STAYALLDAY.



A blanket for $10 off, because this’ll celebrate the glorious naps you took throughout 2019 and those you will undoubtedly continue to take in 2020.

Urban Outfitters

“If there’s anything I need more of in 2020, it’s sleep and celebrating the small victories. So, yes, I will be working on my napping skills. I’m talking on a bus, in a plane, at my desk (sorry, boss!). How will I mark this momentous endeavor? By buying myself this blanket.” –Jen Tonti

Get it from Urban Outfiitters for $98 (originally $108) or check out all of the Urban Outfitters deals – you can get up to $75 off your purchase.



A miniature (nine ounce) leak-proof, insulated, reusable water bottle for 25% off, because I’ve been upping my water intake and want a lightweight option that I can throw in my big purses for going to the movies or just being out and about.


“Because I live in NYC, I don’t drive; otherwise, I’d solve this problem with a bigger water bottle that I’d just keep in my car. But more than once I’ve been at a movie theater, an airport, or even just wandering through a park when I’ve been thirsty enough to buy a single-use bottle of water. (While water fountains are great in a pinch — or for filling reusable bottles — I don’t want to be visiting one every 15-20 minutes or so for another sip, or leaving a theater in the middle of the movie.) But if I had a small bottle in my purse all the time, I could keep it filled and refill it at a fountain if I needed to, and stay hydrated no matter where life takes me. I know it’s just a small thing, but hey, ~it’s the small things~!” —Natalie Brown

Get it from S’well for $26.25 (originally $35; available in three colors) or check out the rest of S’well’s deals — they’re offering 25% off + free gift $100+ code with promo code CYBMON19.



A fleece cowl neck jacket for 50% off that’ll be like wearing a giant fluffy hug all winter long — and I think we could all use that now that it gets dark about halfway through the day.


“These fluffy fleece coats are hot ’n trendy right now, and yes, I want in. I have teddy bear jacket FOMO. This one from Loft comes in a gorgeous ‘whipped cream’ color, and is a bit longer, which I’ve been looking for — gotta keep the rear protected from the frigid winds. It’s on the pricier side, but with all the fabulous sales this weekend, I think I can justify making the splurge.” –Kayla Suazo

Get it from Loft for $99 (originally $198; available in two colors and sizes XXS–XXL) or check out all of the Loft deals – they’re offering 50% off when you enter promo code CYBER at checkout.



A Fujifilm smartphone printer for 25% off so you can turn your favorite digital pics into IRL memories and hang them up all over the place.

Urban Outfitters

“I already have a Fujifilm Intax Mini camera, but I’ve really been wanting a printer like this so I can turn the pictures I’ve taken on my phone into decor for my bedroom. When I take a picture on my phone I can edit the brightness or throw a filter on it and it would be so cool to have the photos I already love in physical form. Also, since we always have our phones with us, I have SO many more cherished memories on my phone simply because I don’t always carry around a bulky polaroid camera. I’d love to hang up little photos from traveling, nights out with my friends, etc. I think this little guy would be such a fun purchase!” —Kayla Boyd

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $74.25 (originally $99; available in three colors) or check out all of Urban Outfitter’s deals — they’re offering 25% off.



A printed lace-up boot for 40% off that’ll make you say “Moooove over, losers!” to all your sad, basic shoes.

Free People

“Hi, I’m 26 years old and my style hasn’t changed since high school. I have been neglecting my bank account because of Jeffrey Campbells since my very first paycheck (at a job I took so I could afford a pair of knee-high JC boots). 11 years later? I’m still drooling over these designs. If stupid adult rent didn’t get in the way, I’d have these textured cowhide high tops with their durable belted ankle straps and their lovely padded footbed on my feet this very second.” —Mallory Mower

Get them from Free People for $77.97 (originally $195; available in sizes 5-10 and three colors) or check out the rest of the Free People deals — they’re offering an additional 40% off sale styles.



A velvet zodiac journal for 25% off, because if there’s one thing this Virgo loves it’s not only hearing myself think but keeping track of those thoughts! This is the perfect, more private, way to accomplish these things.

Urban Outfitters

“Catch me on January 1st, 2020 setting very detailed year-long goals instead of doing everything else on my to-do list. Oh, I could also put my to-do list in there while I’m at it!” —Jennifer Tonti

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $10.50 (originally $14; available in all zodiac signs) or check out all of Urban Outfitters’ deals — they’re offering 25 off. .



A Dagne Dover crossbody bag for 20% off made from neoprene AKA the most durable material ever. It’s super light, water-resistant, and fade-resistant. Not to mention it features a key leash, a phone slot, multiple internal pockets, and zippers for full protection. Gimme gimme Gimme.

Dagne Dover

“I loveeeee Dagne Dover products because their quality is so far superior to any other backpack/bag I’ve used before. The neoprene material is able to handle everyday slips, bumps, and drops, so you’ll never be afraid to take one of their bags on an adventure. Also the inside pockets will help to keep you organized while out and about with a key leash and spot for change/chapstick/your phone. I’ve been using their products for years now and plan to keep on adding to my collection.” —Alexandra Napoli

Get it from Dagne Dover for $76 (originally $95; available in seven colors) or check out the rest of the Dagne Dover deals — they’re offering 20% off.



An “oops-a-daisy” hard shell airpods case for 25% off, because you asked santa very nicely this year for airpods and if your letter got to him in time and your hopes and dreams do in fact come true, you’ll want need this wanderlust case to celebrate.

Urban Outfitters

“If I do end up with airpods at some point in the near future (thanks mom) I will totally splurge on this case becuase it brings me so much joy just looking at it on my computer screen I can only imagine the smile on my face once it’s falling out of my hands every time I drop my new airpods.” —Jennifer Tonti

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $14 (originally $18) or check out all of Urban Outfitters’ deals — they’re offering 25 off.



A family-size air fryer for 20% off — sometimes you want to eat a family-size portion of fries. It’s much easier (and quicker) to use than an oven and the results are far crispier.


“Don’t judge me but I already have the smaller version of this air fryer and while it’s an absolute joy to use, the portion size just too damn small! Whenever I cook for more than one person (or even just for myself sometimes), I have to do several batches, which can get pretty tiresome. This one can fit six quarts of food, which is more than enough for my S.O. and I, and you get temperature control, which the compact size doesn’t offer. Since I jumped on the air fryer train, I haven’t looked back. I’m a very lazy person with entry-level cooking skills (at best), but I’ve had nothing but success with this handy appliance. It could not be simpler to use — just pop whatever you want in there, turn the knob to start cooking, go about your day, and ding! Food is ready in 10–20 minutes. I’ve made chicken wings from scratch, heated up frozen dumplings, and even baked cookies in mine, so I can’t wait to upgrade to a larger size. Plus, my grandma has happily agreed to give my smaller one a new home.” —Yi Yang

Get it from Amazon for $79.99 (originally $99.99; available in four colors) or check out all of Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals – they’re offering discounts on thousands and thousands of items.



A tube of Glossier Balm Dotcom for 20% off to help keep chapped-prone lips feeling moisturized and soft allllll dry season long.


“Confession: I don’t own anything from Glossier. Never tried anything from Glossier. But, I hear ALL about Glossier and how wonderful it is all the time, specifically their Balm Dotcom, which basically has a cult-following at this point. I get super chapped lips in the fall and winter. Heck, I get chapped lips year-round, and I swear by one chapstick and one chapstick only — Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick. However, from all the incredible things I’ve heard about this Glossier lip balm, I think it may just have the ability to become my new favorite.” — Sam Wieder

Get it from Glossier for $9.60 (originally $12; available in eight flavors) or check out all of Glossier’s deals — they’re offering 20% off.



A pair of Fila Disruptors for 25% off so you can change up your style this season and add a timeless flair to all your future ~kewl~ looks.

Urban Outfitters

“I’ve been looking to experiment more with fashion and try different wardrobe pieces and these babies are one of the things I’ve had my eye on for a while. I’ve been more into chunky sneakers lately, and these def fit the bill! Once I get them, I know I’ll probably overwear them, even if they don’t go with the outfit. A super-cool pair of shoes can do that to you.” —Nusrat Sultana

Get them from Urban Outfitters for $60 (originally $65; available in sizes 5–11) or check out all of Urban Outfitter’s deals — they’re offering 25% off.



A minimalist, five-tiered shoe rack for 20% off so you can feel like some kind of lifestyle guru every time you peer over at your ingenious use of vertical space.

West Elm

“I have a relatively small bedroom, which means that I’ve had to master the art of Tetris through the process of furnishing it. It also means that I’ve started using the term “vertical space” one-hundred times a day. Speaking of, I’ve been eyeing Yamazaki’s five-tiered shoe rack to use for a corner of my room that isn’t quite big enough to accommodate a standard option but *does* offer ample vertical space. Doesn’t having just five of your most-reached-for shoes on display in a tidy Japanese mechanism sound like the exact type of thing that might banish all of your deepest anxieties? I won’t get ahead of myself, but I do think it’s finally time to pull the trigger.” —Colin Gorenstein

Get it from West Elm for $44 (originally $55; available in two colors) or check out all of West Elm’s deals — they’re offering 20% off with promo code SHOPFAST.



A gorge velvet sectional sofa for 30% off — I can just picture curling up on to watch hours and hours (and hours and hours) of Peak TV.


“I need a sofa, and this one is the perfect combo of elegant and comfy-looking, so my apartment looks nice, but you don’t feel like your couch is too precious to sit on all day in your PJs. You can customize the fabric and the legs too (I’m torn between the blossom, chartreuse, and grey velvets, but definitely want the brass legs) for an interior-decorator look, but all your own taste. I just want to curl up on it right now, tbh!!!!!!” —Maitland Quitmeyer

Get it from Anthropologie for $2,028.60 (originally $2,898) or check out all of Anthropologie’s deals — they’re offering 30% off.



A pair of gender-inclusive micromodal trunks for 30% off that are so comfy, you’ll want to replace all your undies with these.


“I believe that every good outfit starts with a comfy and cute pair of underwear, so I usually have plenty in my life! But TBH I am currently 11 months into HRT, and my body has been changing in ways that are often difficult to keep up with. Needless to say, my underwear does not fit like it used to, and I really need some new trunks! I already own one MicroModal pair of Tomboy 4.5 trunks, and one cotton pair as well. Tomboy X is gender-inclusive, and these trunks fit me like no other underwear. They seriously feel like they were made just for me — the way these fit give me gender euphoria, and they are super comfy. I highly recommend them for anyone in need of quality undies, and I especially recommend them to other trans folks who are navigating transitioning and bottom growth.” —Harper Hendrickson

Get it from Tomboy for $23.80 (originally $34; available in sizes XS–4X and 11 patterns) or check out all of Tomboy’s deals — they’re offering 30% off with promo code CM2019.



A pair of Sperry J. Crew winter boots for 50% off that are both stylish *and* cozy, because that’s the true snow boot dream. And it’s finally come true!

J. Crew

“I’ve needed a pair of snow-friendly boots for lit’rally like three years now (RIP to all the boots I’ve low-key ruined in the NYC slush of doom), but I keep not getting a pair because 1. I’m lazy and 2. I hadn’t found a pair I’d actually be willing to wear all day at the office. But when researching cold weather boots this year, I found these beauties and now I have to have them! They’re black, which is a must, but have waterproof bottoms, a cozy shearling lining (that’s midwestern reviewer–approved), and a cute buckle. They’re….actually stylish?? I love this journey for me.” —Maitland Quitmeyer

Get them from J.Crew for $90 (originally $180; available in sizes 6–11) or check out the rest of J.Crew’s deals — they’re offering 50% off when you enter promo code MONDAY at checkout.



A Ninja Foodi for $27 off for a 9-in-1 device that functions as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, *and* air! fryer! Oh, and more.


“In a NYC kitchen, the gadgets *really* start to pile up, and while I’ve been thinking about getting a pressure cooker and an air fryer to unleash my culinary genius (unlikely), I don’t really want to waste a ton of counter space on so many machines. This bb does it all — it can even cook frozen meat (whaaaat?) and bake! And you can sear right in the Foodi before slow cooking so you don’t have to dirty an extra pan. So many options, so many delicious meals in the future, one gadget.” —Maitland Quitmeyer

Get it from Amazon for $242.99 (originally $269.99) or check out all of Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals – they’re offering discounts on thousands and thousands of items..



A proper gym bag for 20% off that you won’t mind dragging to work and back home, if need be.

East Dane

“Now that I’ve started going to the gym regularly (ok everyone stay seated!!!), it has become clear to me that my makeshift gym bag simply isn’t going to cut it. As the BFR team pointed out in a recent post, many things can be used as a gym bag, but whether they should be is another question. With a single-compartment tote, you encounter the age-old problem of having the entire contents of your bag spill out when you go to dig out your pair of shoes. My current sitch, precisely! I’d love to pivot to this dreamy Y-3 bag with a technical weave and an exterior pocket to keep items like my wallet and keys within reach.” —Colin Gorenstein

Get it from East Dane for $240 (originally $300) or check out all of East Dane’s deals — they’re offering 20% off with promo code MORE19.


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