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Kimkoo Jade Roller Set gives a refreshing relief after a long-ass day. It remains cool to the touch, and can help reduce puffiness by increasing the circulation on your beautiful face. All you have to do is combine it with your favorite face serum and voila!


Promising review: “I am loving this kimkoo jade roller, amazing quality and great price too. It is like you are getting a facial massage at home. I do not use any serum with it, but I leave it in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes and then I use it, it feels so nice and cool in my skin. Really simple and easy to use, just press and roll. The manual is super helpful, the tips are amazing. I am so happy with this purchase.” —Giovanna Santos

Price: $18.44



Radha Beauty Rosehip Oil provides your skin with antioxidants and fatty acids to brighten your face (so it can be in prime shape for the various selfies you want to take).


Promising review: “My skin issues starts with scarring, uneven skin tone, and breakouts. Since using this product every night before bed after washing my face I have noticed tremendous results! I used to wear makeup every day to cover up my blemishes and scars because I was embarrassed and not comfortable with my skin, well now I don’t even wear makeup and I get compliments non-stop on my skin.” —Roxanne

Price: $14.95

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Elizavecca 24K Gold Peeling Mask removes tons of blackheads and dead skin with the help of berry extracts and propolis extract, which both fight acne and breakouts!


It changes from gold to white on your face!

Promising review: “This stuff is awesome! Good consistency, and the color is awesome. I like that it changes to white when it’s done. And the gunk it pulls out! You can see it all over your face. Pretty neat. I use it every Sunday for what I call ‘Beauty day.’ Just make sure you use a good moisturizer afterwards and maybe do it at night to let your skin rest.” —Chelsea M.

Price: $11.78



Sun Bum Sunscreen has broad spectrum, 30 SPF coverage and is enriched with Vitamin E so you can moisturize your skin while protecting it from the sun.

@sunbum / Via

It has a hypoallergenic formula, is made with vegan ingredients, and is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

Promising review: “My husband is very light skinned and burns very easily. I don’t burn. I have struggled to find a product that works on him. I purchased the SPF 70 for a day at the beach. He spent a lot of that time reading under an umbrella. Normally, this would be enough to make him lobster red and miserably burned — NOT WITH SUN BUM! It’s a miracle! We are so happy we purchased this. He’s never been able to lay out and read, and he loved being able to enjoy the beach.” —Tania Z.

Price: $9.99+ (available in three sizes and four SPF strengths)



Amara Organics Eye Cream helps reduce dark circles, thanks to hyaluronic acid and cucumber extracts (which hydrate, soothe, and awaken the sensitive skin underneath your eyes).


It’s also super lightweight and cruelty-free!

Promising review: “Okay, I was super skeptical that this would work for me based on my olive skin tone and genetic dark under eye circles. Thanks, Nana! Anyway, I ended up wishing I took before pictures, because there has been a very noticeable change and it didn’t take long! The darkness/skin color contrast has just about gone away, and the toning of the under-eye skin is so much improved as I used to make jokes about the luggage (bags, get it?) on my face. Gone. Just a little bit does makes all the difference in the world and I will definitely get this again.” —Gina

Price: $15.95



Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream contains hyaluronic acid and provides intense moisture for extra dry skin with its oil-free and fragrance-free formula, perfect for people with sensitive skin.


Promising review: “I got a sample of this moisturizer from my dermatologist and I love it. I looked for the best price to buy a bottle and Amazon beat out CVS and the other drug stores. I have bought two so far. It makes my skin feel soft all day and gives it a nicer look.” —bonnie murray

Price: $16.17+ (available in five sizes).

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CosRx Pimple Master Patches contain hydrocolloid material that extracts excess pus from your juicy whiteheads, healing them by reducing redness and inflammation while you go about handling your business.


Promising review: “These things have gotten rid of so many blemishes for me! I had two really big pimples, one on my chest and one on my shoulder so I put these patches on them and it pulled so much stuff out of those pimples that the area where it’s white is actually like thicker than the rest of the patch! These patches are a miracle! Gotta love finding inexpensive and super effective acne solutions!” —kaiah

Price: $14.90 (for a pack of four).

Learn more about Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patches here!



The Ordinary Peeling Solution exfoliates your skin with hydroxy acids and Tasmanian pepperberry — they’ll smooth facial blemishes and rough patches of skin… without irritation.




Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay deeply cleanses your pores with natural calcium clay. It has the power to clear horrible breakouts while it dries on your face by clearing out dirt and oil, leaving it smooth AF.


Promising review: “I love this mask! It makes my face feel so clean and fresh afterward, and brings any pimples or zits up to the surface of my skin to pop. I’ve never felt any issues with the mask on my face being too tight or hurting unless it was on my upper lip or I left it too long.” —Amazon Customer

Price: $8.10

Check out some amazing review photos for this mask here!



Tony Moly Tako Blackhead Scrub Stick clarifies your complexion with marine plant extracts, black mud, and charcoal that’ll extract excess dirt and oil from your beautiful face.

http://@tonymoly.us_official / Via

Promising review: “If you are like me, you have dealt with a lifetime of pesky blackheads on your nose. This product made a difference in its first use. Let me say that again for the people in the back: FIRST USE. It is as adorable as it is useful.” —grouchosays

Price: $12.50



Thayers Witch Hazel contains aloe vera to help tone uneven and dull skin while extracting dirt and buildup.

@thayersnatural / Via

Promising review: “I absolutely love this toner! I have sensitive skin, and I find it extremely difficult to find a balance for my skin (from really dry to extremely oily). I’ve been using Korean skin care products for a while now, and although they keep my skin nicely hydrated and clear, I was barely able to last six hours without my face shining like blinding highlighter. I recently bought this because I’ve heard a lot about witch hazel and how it does wonders to your skin. And, I’m so glad I made this purchase! It felt really nice and had a slight cooling effect, and not to mention, the scent smells great. I woke up and my face wasn’t oily and didn’t feel heavy, and that was pretty much the condition my face was in throughout the entire day. So, this was an unregrettable buy and I’ll definitely continue to buy this toner.” —Amazon Customer

Price: $9.29

Check out our full review of Thayers Witch Hazel to learn more about why this toner is so great!



Etude House Sun Milk is a non-sticky, UV-protecting moisturizer with aloe vera that’ll keep you from getting a horrible, scathing sunburn while you’re out and about.


Promising review: “This is my first Korean sunscreen purchase. It is hands down better than any Western face sunscreen I have used. I like the thin consistency and how quickly it absorbs.” —Bryana Lee

Price: $11.93



Mario Badescu Facial Spray instantly refreshes your skin with the help of aloe and rosewater after a long, humid-ass day. Your face really will thank you.

@mariobadescu / Via

Promising review: “I got this on a whim and I love it! I’ve been spraying it in my face on hot days and it’s so refreshing. I got sunburned the other day doing yard work and sprayed some of this on the worst part and it definitely helped, probably because of the aloe. If you love the smell of roses this is great!” —Kindle Customer

Price: $7



Cetaphil Redness Relieving Night Moisturizer has licorice extract, allantoin, and caffeine to hydrate dry, sensitive skin overnight without clogging your pores with oily residue.


Promising review: “Wow!! Finally a moisturizer that does not burn my ulta-sensitive, allergy-prone skin. It moisturizes well without feeling too thick and greasy. I have very dry skin, so I need something a bit heavier. I often use aquaphor, but was tired of how heavy it felt. If I need a gentle, yet effective and medium moisturizer, this will be my holy grail for now.” —M. Wong

Price: $7.19



Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel gently exfoliates your face while natural cellulose removes dead skin cells and brightens your amazing skin.

@drgkorea / Via

Promising review: “This is a great skin freshener. It’s not a peel-off mask like some products, but it does remove rough patches from your face. After a long hospitalization in which I just used water and a washcloth, I used Dr. G’s. It surprised me. You rub some of the green lotion on your wet face, wait a bit and rub again — and yucky dead skin just rolls right off. Give your face a good rinse and voila. Fresh and smooth.” —AnnieDill

Price: $11.70

Check out our full review on Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel.



The Seam Iceland Hydrating Eyestick de-puffs and cools your under-eyes with moss and kelp to also moisturize the delicate skin there.


Promising review: “I really enjoy this product and it works quite well too, I have really dry eyelids sometimes and this works very very well and I’ve noticed my eyes getting brighter as well. There may not seem like much product, but you don’t need that much. Just swipe it around your eye once or twice. It works very well; I highly suggest this product to anyone with dry eyelids or dark circles.💗” —chris

Price: $8.99


Promising review: “I absolutely love these things. I think they are fun and very soothing. After 20 minutes of rest and relaxation with these, my under eye area is noticeably smoother. I will definitely buy more. Cooling and soothing.” —Mrs. Bennett

Price: $5.47



Garnier SkinActive Face Moisturizer has a mix of pine bark essence and SPF 15 to reduce the appearance of dark spots and protect your face from sun damage.


Promising review: “Great lightweight moisturizer and with SPF, works perfectly! I use it before makeup in the morning, and at night before bed. Leaves my skin really soft!” —Laura

Price: $10.50



The Body Shop Night Lotion is infused with pure tea tree oil and is absolutely lightweight, so you can control excess sebum without weighing down your face like most creams.


Promising review: “I have sensitive skin that is prone to allergies and rashes. This soothes my skin and takes the rashes and bumps away. Love!” —JG

Price: $19


It’s formulated with salicylic acid and sulfur to extract oil from your pores!

Promising review: “This is fantastic at helping to reduce the size of my cystic acne overnight. Within a few days, most spots are resolved, which is saying something because NOTHING helps with my acne otherwise.” —KP

Price: $8.44



The Iceland Sheet Mask Set is packed with a variety of fruity ingredients (such as peach and papaya) to brighten and detoxify your skin.


Includes peach, papaya, litchi, mangosteen, and almond which all brighten dull skin.

Promising review: “Love these! They’re super soft and very hydrating, I have tried many different fave masks and these are amazing for everyday use that won’t break the bank.” —Veronica

Price: $10.98 (for a set of 10 masks)



Bio-Oil helps the appearance of uneven skin tone and stretch marks on your body with its mix of Vitamins A and E (as well as chamomile oil to soothe the skin).


Promising review: “When I first used this I was appalled that it was mineral oil, which I never use. And in research found that Purcellin is a made up name for who knows what, but after using it, I can say that my dark spots are fading and I’ve been using it for only a matter of weeks. My skin looks better and feels soft and healthy. Who knew? Anyway, I’m a believer and have recommended it to friends.” —Flora Fonda

Price: $8.89

Learn more about Bio-Oil here!



Mighty Patch Acne Absorbing Dots contain hydrocolloid to heal your pimples overnight by absorbing all that gross pus (and whatever else) from your pores while you’re catching Z’s.


Promising review: “These are little magic stickers! They really do drain a blemish overnight, and in the morning it’s gone. Although they are opaque, I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing it during the day, but it’s also not glaringly obvious you have it on your face, which is nice even at night. Once you stick it on you can’t feel it at all. Come morning, peel it off and you are good as new! These will stay on my subscribe and save. A dream come true for teenage years too!” —B Hough

Price: $12.99



Hada Labo Hyaluronic Lotion instantly hydrates your dry skin and locks in that moisture, leaving your face soft and supple.


Promising review: “This lotion has really made a huge difference in the plumpness and tone of my skin. I put it on in the evening after washing my face with warm water and pat it until it is sticky. The stickiness goes away almost immediately and I can follow with whatever cream or gel moisturizer I feel like!” —Pugwump

Price: $14.98



Claire-ity Vitamin C Serum stimulates your natural collagen while it replenishes the number of vitamins in your skin for a brighter complexion!


Promising review: “I’ve ordered this several times, it’s a part of my daily skincare routine. It works better than any product I’ve used in the past. I’m 52 years old, and my skin looks young and has a healthy glow. It has a rejuvenating affect. It’s a gel that goes on smoothly and soaks in right away. I even use it on my eye area.” —Ravenhair

Price: $11.99



Eucerin Sensitive Skin Soothing Night Creme has soothing licorice root to calm dry, cracked skin while being mild enough for people who are super sensitive!


Promising review: “This was recommended to me by a top dermatologist in NYC for rosacea and acne. It’s not the miracle cream some describe it to be, but I have found that it helps some with my redness, and its lightweight formula doesn’t cause breakouts or make my skin look oily. However, I still have some redness, and my acne, while not aggravated, still persists. However, I’ve never found anything better, and I’m pleased enough to keep buying it!” —JSmitten

Price: $11.03


Lying may be bad for your skin, but these products aren’t!


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