Changing your calendar habits

I read an article on the 11 habits you need to change in your calendar if you want to succeed. The article was written by Project Management Hacks – Bruce Harpham.

The 11 Habits are divided in 2 groups:

Basic Calendar Habits

  • Review Today’s Calendar
  • Review Tomorrow`s Calendar
  • Create “Meetings with Myself”
  • Schedule Travel Time
  • Write Down All Appointments (Personal and Professional)

Advanced Calendar Habits

Write Supporting Details In Calendar Entries

  • Complete Weekly Reviews
  • Create Repeating Appointments
  • Minimize your productivity toolkit
  • Say no to others
  • Say no to your self
Your calendar is your boss if you really want to…

Your calendar is your boss if you really want to…

Your boss should be your calendar, if you are an entrepreneur, a network marketer or if you are in sales.

When I’m working and coaching people, which is one of my favorite things to do, guess what I look at first?

At their calendar…. I ask them to show me their calendar.

They get this big scared look.

Sometimes they ask me: “I’m supposed to have a calendar?” But it’s on my phone.

I reply: “show me your phone then.”

I want to see your calendar and if you’re not going to employ yourself,
if you want to be coached by me, I’m going to employ you. Show me your calendar…

  • Show me how many hours you’re scheduled to prospect.
  • What hours you’re scheduled to follow up.
  • What hours you’re scheduled to close and get people started.
  • What hours you’re scheduled to train your group, communicate with your team.
  • What are your hours for real? Show me! Show me where the follow-up is.
  • Show me where the schedule is.
  • Show me where the events are.

You’ve got to show me your calendar.

I saw a documentary on Joan Rivers. She’s one of the most prolific hard-working women in comedy.
Whether you like her or not doesn’t matter, but in the documentary, she was in her 80s
or something and working hard.

And she says:

“You want to see what terror looks like?”

And she opened up a page to a calendar that was empty.

That’s terror to me and then she went to the page before and it was all filled.

She said that brings me joy.

That means I’m out there, you know, doing my thing in the world.

An empty calendar should be terrorizing to you… Should be so frightening to you.

Most of you don’t even have one.

What does your calendar look like

As you leave here from now until the end of the year.

  • If you have a calendar filled with specific activities you’re gonna win.
  • If you just winging it I can guess your income. I can guess your bank balance. If you’re just winging it.

Decide to be a little bit more structure. If you want to be a Network Marketing professional.

What would Elon Musk do if he had your distributorship?

What would Steve Jobs do if he had your distributorship?

What would Bill Gates do if he had your distributorship or Mark Cuban do if he had your distributorship?

What would he do with the time? He or she or anybody.

What would they do with the gift that they had and how would they value it?

They’d go after it.

Now I’m not saying you have to be full-time I’m saying in the time that you have, you have to be efficient.

Next please.

Make the hours that you set sacred.

Most of you will set your hours, but anything in the world will knock those hours off track.

You get a cold, those hours go out the window.

Somebody in the family has a crisis, those hours go out the window.

You’ll still go to your job, but your Network Marketing business or your sales business isn’t sacred?

Until it’s sacred, there’s only so far you’re going to go.

You got to treat these hours sacred.

You got to treat this commitment on a sacred level and go after it.

Even though Network Marketing is forgiving, don’t ask for their forgiveness every day…